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About Us

Vaama jewels mirrors 30 years of experience of Pinky Shah, our personal jeweller coming from the world elite. A precision master who works with gemstones of the highest quality from all over Earth. And beyond – some rare pieces are decorated even with Diamonds from Mines and laboratory Grown Doamonds. Vaama Jewels is not for everyone. It is for those who appreciate the merge of beauty and art.

Our mission

Imagine the most beautiful jewellery in the world. And now imagine there is something better. We are fully devoted to crafting the most exclusive pieces of jewellery with some of the most precious gemstones while achieving exceptional masterpieces, you will simply not find elsewhere.

Our vision

Cooperating with world-renowned jewellers such as Vaama Jewels, our head Jewellery manufacturing and creative team leader, we always strive to create unique, superior and highly valuable pieces of jewellery.


"Owning a piece of jewelry is like celebrating the true essence of who you are."

We boast ourselves as producers of some of the best jewelry experiences around the globe by only letting the finest and utmost unique designs become part of our collection.

We review our offerings every few months to ensure that you never have to go out of trend and that you can rely on us as your Jewelry partner for life. We make sure that every piece of our jewelry emanates a story that is all about you and your emotions.

How it all started?

Originating from a family of traditional jewelers, we know our craft from the heart and take great pride in noticing people adore our jewelry. Having experienced a wide appreciation for our unique selections in India, we wanted to reach out to the extended audience in the United States and globally.

Today, we bring you the same collection online and in many local shows around you. Subscribe to our newsletter to get notified when we are in your neighborhood!